Speech at New Plymouth Boys High School

New Plymouth Boys High School Old & New Vol 1, 2015

An extract from Sir Roderick Dean’s closing speech’ on Monday, 18 August. “Grasp your opportunities. Add to the world. Do not be afraid to attempt things outside your comfort zone. Enjoy being part of a team. Care for your friends and treat them as precious. Set high standards. Value highly your integrity. Be true to yourselves”.

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Maths dunce found his financial feet

Stuff.co.nz August 19, 2014

The world of high finance was far from Sir Roderick Deane's mind when he was a young boy struggling with maths at New Plymouth Boys' High School. The former Reserve Bank of New Zealand deputy governor told the Taranaki Daily News he was "well behind academically" and his teachers had to step in to "pull him up by the bootstraps". However, Deane overcame that slow start to become deputy governor of the bank from 1982 to 1986. He is presently the chairman of the IHC Foundation, one of many positions he holds. Yesterday, he was awarded the school's highest honour, the Alumni Merita Award, given in recognition of its old boys' achievements.

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Interview with Sir Roderick Deane - Asymmetric Information

April, 2013

This interview spans the origins of Sir Roderick’s early interest in economics, his career as an economist, the influence of other international economists on his thinking and his research, the role of economic modeling, the balance between macro and micro economics, economic policy challenges, the usefulness of economics in his subsequent commercial career, the unintended consequences of government regulation, and Sir Roderick’s interests other than economics, such as in the arts and music, technology, education and support for persons with disabilities.

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IHC Community Moves - Journal article

August, 2012

When Sir Roderick Deane was made a knight in the Queen's Birthday honours he said he felt most proud of the work he has done in the disability sector.
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New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) - Journal article

July, 2012

Sir Roderick Deane FACA has been knighted for services to business and the community.
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Deane's honour a 'team effort'

Stuff.co.nz, April 6, 2012

Roderick Deane, economist, company director and patron of the arts, says the honour of being made a knight belongs largely to the people he has worked with in his many roles.
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Corporate builder steps down

Marlborough Express, March 25, 2010

Fletcher Building chairman Roderick Deane stands down at the end of this month. He talks to Catherine Harris about the company's success, and reflects on his other accomplishments in public and private sector business.
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Advisory Panel on Special Education

www.beehive.govt.nz, March 24, 2010

Associate Minister of Education Heather Roy was today pleased to announce that the Ministry of Education has received more than 1,500 submissions on the Government's Review of Special Education to date, with further submissions still arriving.
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Former Telecom chief to head defence review

Otago Daily Times, March 23, 2010

Former Telecom chief executive Roderick Deane will be leading a "value for money" inquiry into New Zealand's Defence Force, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp announced today.

"Dr Deane's wide-ranging experience in the public and private sectors makes him an excellent candidate to lead this exercise," Dr Mapp said.
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Deane to lead Defence Value For Money review

Beehive.govt.nz, March 23, 2010

The Government's review aimed at providing better value for future Defence spending will be led by former Telecom Chief Executive Dr Roderick Deane, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp announced today.
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Roderick Deane: Architect and demolisher

Stuff.co.nz, March 3, 2010

A building analogy works well for Roderick Deane. Over the past 25 years, he has been responsible for building giant companies up and tearing them down.

One of the architects of the state-owned enterprises, he is the man who broke up ECNZ, slashed the public service in the late 1980s, steered Telecom after privatisation, merged the ANZ and National Banks and, of course, oversaw the dismantling of Fletcher Challenge.

He also has a unique place in our economic history. As a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank, he and then-governor Spencer Russell were the men who temporarily stopped the currency international trading during a constitutional crisis in 1984.
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Mr Ralph Waters - Farewell speech for Roderick Deane on retiring as Chairman of Fletcher Building

March 2010

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Jonathan Ling (CEO of Fletcher Building) - Speech at a function to mark Dr Deane's retirement from Fletcher Building.

March 2010

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Regulation costs stifling, says Deane

The Dominion Post, July 23 2009

New Zealand has a marked lack of world-class companies, says former Telecom chairman Roderick Deane.
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The Free Marketeer

The Independent, July 7, 2009

Dr Roderick Deane has a track record in business that few can rival; he was a pivotal figure at the Reserve Bank during the Lange government, headed the State Services Commission over-seeing one of the most intense periods of public-sector reform and ran the country's biggest company, Telecom.
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Three New Galleries: Deane, Hirschfeld and Hancock

CityGallery.org.nz, 2009

City Gallery Wellington to reopen with dedicated Māori & Pacific Gallery One of three new architecturally-designed galleries thanks to support of Wellington arts families
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Award for Patronage - The Arts Foundation

Thearts.co.nz, 2008

Gillian and Roderick created the Deane Endowment Trust in memory of their daughter Kristen, to assist and benefit the community and individuals in the fields of the arts and culture, scientific research, education, the environment, disability, and the work of charitable voluntary organisations. The Trust focus on the arts and culture is by way of sponsorship of a number of exhibitions and publications by a range of art galleries and museums; by the use of scholarships and grants, especially for educational purposes for young singers, musicians, dancers and artists exhibiting outstanding potential; and through donations to a number of classical music and opera organisations particularly those centred in Wellington.
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Patronage Award - Audio from Radio New Zealand - The Arts on Sunday

Radionz.co.nz June 1, 2008

Gillian and Roderick Deane's support offered to many New Zealand artists is acknowledged with the Arts Foundation of 2008.

Lessons China can teach us

Stuff.co.nz October 6, 2008

I went to China recently to visit some industrial plants, meet the staff and learn from them. As Fonterra's present predicament indicates, business in China is not always straightforward.

China has much to learn about the importance of rigorous quality control systems and provides plenty of cautionary lessons for those considering investing there.

However, China is an economic phenomenon that is still on the rise and it has many other startling, positive lessons, especially for New Zealand.
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Tributes to Wellington Icons - Goldaward

Goldawards.co.nz 2007

The career of Dr. Roderick Deane is in many ways a peculiarly Wellington story - a provincial boy who came to the city and made good in both public and private business arenas. Yet behind that glib summary is an impressive story of achievement which is probably unique in the business annals of New Zealand.
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Roderick Deane warns Commerce Commission not to pre-judge Cost of Capital

The Line - New Zealand Telecommunications News Today, Sept 20, 2006

Former Telecom chairman and chief executive officer Dr Roderick Deane has welcomed the announcement by the Commerce Commission that it has established a Cost of Capital Expert Panel. However, Deane warns against the danger of the panel disregarding industry views on the issue.
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Call it a day but not a slow down

New Zealand Herald, June 3, 2006

Exit, stage left. Take a good look at the picture and you will notice the man is smiling, the word on the door says "free". Did it feel like that last Wednesday when Dr Roderick Deane called time on his stewardship of Telecom, where he'd been CEO or chairman since since 1992?

"Liberated and relieved," he said. The announcement that June 30 will mark his last day there, and at ANZ National Bank and Te Papa, which he also chaired, coincides with the release of his authorised biography, Roderick Deane: His Life and Times, by historians Michael and Judith Bassett...
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Nine to Noon Interview of Dr Roderick Deane on the occasion of him stepping down as Chairman of Telecom NZ

Radio New Zealand June 2, 2006

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Executive Interview in the Telecommunications Review

Telecommunications Review June, 2006

When the Telecommunications Review asked outgoing Telecom Chairman Dr Roderick Deane to share his views on the pressing issues facing the leading industry player he obliged. Here are his answers to probing questions from Telecommunications Review journalist David Dickens.
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Laying Down the Lore

NZ Management Magazine, August, 2005

Learnings & legacies from Kevin Roberts, Roderick Deane, Ralph Norris, Jo Brosnahan, Gil Simpson, Joan Withers & others.
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Rod Deane - surfer and philanthropist

The New Zealand Herald, June 12, 2005

Roderick Deane knows why he was dubbed "Dr Death", but he still reckons the label is wide of the mark.

Not that the chairman of Telecom, Fletcher Building and the ANZ National Bank minds.

"It's just life if that's the way people think about me. But it's odd really, if you asked me what was the biggest devotion of my life going back some years, it was the IHC when I was vice-president and then president. We managed to move most people out of psychopaedic wards into the community and we bought 600 or 700 houses...
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Citation for the award of Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Association of Economists

Grant Spencer, May 2005

Roderick has made a considerable contribution to New Zealand over the past 30 or so years: as an economist and policymaker; as a corporate leader; and as a citizen supporting the arts and the disadvantaged.

Following his early days at Opunake and New Plymouth Boys High, Roderick studied Accounting and Economics at Victoria University. Much of his study was undertaken part time while he worked, first at the Union Steamship Co, and then at the Reserve bank of New Zealand...
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Roderick Deane Profile

Zilla Efrat.

Roderick Deane has seen much of his good work undone by rising Government interference. Frustrated, but certainly not bitter, he's moved his focus to areas where he can still make a difference. ZILLA EFRAT reports.

For many people, New Year's resolutions are made with the best intentions and then slowly forgotten as the year progresses. But this was certainly not the case for Roderick Deane, well at least not this year. As 2005 drew to a close, he decided it was time to quit any commitments he felt negative about so that he could concentrate on the more exciting and stimulating aspects of his life. And he did, resigning in June from two of New Zealand's most coveted corporate roles - that of chairman of Telecom Corporation of NZ and as a director of the ANZ National Bank...
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Roderick Deane on Corporate Governance

Business Round Table, February 11, 2005

Not many people achieve mastery in both business and economics - they are very different vocations requiring different sets of skills. Some understanding of economics helps in running a business, but it is not a core skill set. Similarly, what people learn from running a business doesn't help a great deal in formulating economic policy. A rare example of a person highly qualified in both fields is Roderick Deane, who was recently named Chairperson of the Year...
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The Listener 2004 Power List: The 50 Most Powerful People in New Zealand

11 December 2004

"I'm not in the power game," Deane says. It's working with stimulating people on stimulating challenges that motivates him.
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Deane hits at burden of red tape

New Zealand Herald, March 25, 2004

Roderick Deane maintains politicians' interventionist path is leading the nation 'back to the future', writes Fran O'Sullivan.

The chairman of three of New Zealand's major companies is a man of piercing intellect.

Right now Roderick Deane is turning his attention to the plethora of Government regulation, interventions and policies which he says are putting New Zealand back to where it was before the 1980s economic deregulation era...
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QBE Insurance Chairperson of the Year

Management, 2004

Dr Roderick Deane's rise to the top of New Zealand's hierarchy of corporate performance has, in many respects, been as unorthodox as it has been successful. The story of his career is hardly the stuff of classic management texts but the challenges and triumphs along the way make compelling reading and provide ample proof of his extraordinary leadership skills and abilities as a chairman of the board...
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"Corporate Commander - Roderick Deane" Face to Face article by Deborah Coddington

North and South Magazine, May 2001

Dr Roderick Deane turned 60 on April 8 but this unremitting corporate leader shows no signs of slowing down. He talks to Deborah Coddington about dueling with Muldoon, steering Fletchers and the love of his life...
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"'Tough Guy' being realistic at Our Place" article by Anthony Hubbard on Roderick Deane's appointment as Chairman of Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand

Sunday Star Times, July 9, 2000

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Listener article on Kristen Deane

New Zealand Listener, April 20, 1996

This article by Mary Holm in the Listener backgrounds the rewards and the challenges a family faces with a daughter with Rett Syndrome.
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Appointment of Dr Deane as Chairman of the State Services Commission
Deane Goes Softly Softly

New Zealand Times, March 9, 1986

Rod Deane is adamant he is not the Government's "hatchet man". In the Deane lexicon the term hatchet man is a "quite inappropriate" way to describe the position he has been appointed to by the Prime Minister. The Public Service Association has attached the label to the new State Services Commission chairman but Deane says state sector unions don’t need to feel threatened by his appointment...
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Appointment of Dr Deane as Chairman of the State Services Commission
Pragmatic View of Public Service

New Zealand Herald, March 5, 1986

Dr Rod Deane, the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank who has become head of the public service at the age of 44, is every inch the elegant central banker. But his quiet charm hides a sharp mind which will be widely felt when he moves down five floors from his sumptuous, book-lined room on the 12th floor of the Reserve Bank building in Wellington to the plainer office of the chairman of the Sate Services Commission...
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Appointment of Dr Deane as Chairman of the State Services Commission
National Business Review - Commentary

National Business Review, February 28, 1986

Tip the public service on end and see what comes rolling out. That, roughly speaking, is the brief for Dr Roderick Deane, just appointed to chair the state services commission (SSC). Rod Dean's ascension does not quite herald an imminent revolution in the public service - but it does, most agree, mark a significant turning point...
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