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Sir Roderick Sheldon "Rod" Deane, KNZM (born 1941 in Auckland) is a New Zealand economist, public sector reformer, and businessman. He has served as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and as CEO and chairman of the country's largest telecommunications company, Telecom New Zealand.

Sir Roderick Deane, Wellington, KNZM, for services to business and the community

Sep 6 2012

Sir Roderick Deane has made a considerable contribution to business, policy-making and supporting the arts and the disability sector for more than 30 years. He was involved with the State sector and central banking, as Chair of the State Services Commission, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Chief Economist of the Reserve Bank and an Alternate Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund. He held a number of executive and governance roles in New Zealand and Australian companies, including as Chairman of Fletcher Building, Chief Executive of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, Managing Director of Telecom New Zealand, Chair of the New Zealand Seed Fund and a Director of the ANZ Bank and Woolworths Limited.
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Deloitte/Management Magazine Top 200: The 20/20 View

Nov 2009

Founder/creator of the Awards and former NZ Management publisher Reg Birchfield reflects on the Awards' history...
The first 10 years of the Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Awards, from 1990 to 1999, ended on a high note. Dr Roderick Deane, Telecom's formidably-focused chief executive through the 1990s, had been chosen as the Top 200’s Chief Executive of the Decade because, as Deloitte's executive chairman at the time, John Hagen and I agreed, Dr Deane "epitomised the spirit of outstanding leadership" that was expected of a Top 200 company.

Extract from The Year in Review, Spring 2009, NZ Business Roundtable

Sep 2009

"A driving force of one of the greatest shifts in the country's business history - moving the focus of economics away from Keynesian-style intervention and state planning toward a greater reliance on markets and stable monetary and fiscal policy." With these words The Independent described the extraordinary career of longstanding Business Roundtable member Dr Roderick Deane who was this year inducted into the Fairfax Media Business Hall of Fame.
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Laureate of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame

July 2009

Dr Roderick Deane has a track record in business that few can rival: he was a pivotal figure at the Reserve Bank during the Lange government, headed the State Services Commission overseeing one of the most intense periods of public-sector reform and ran the country’s biggest company, Telecom. This year, that record in business will be recognised when he is inducted into the Fairfax Media Business Hall of Fame for his work in corporate leadership.
Business Hall of Fame

Arts Foundation of New Zealand - Patron Award

June 2008

Gillian and Roderick have quietly and consistently provided decades of significant support to the arts. They have contributed to a multitude of projects, organisations and artists, and have always directed their assistance with careful consideration and a heartfelt desire to see people succeed. Ross Burdon, Arts Foundation Chair, says "the Arts Foundation is proud to honour the Deans as model patrons and great contributors to the arts in New Zealand".
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Wellington Gold Awards - Wellington Icon


The career of Roderick Deane is in many ways a peculiarly Wellington story – a provincial boy who came to the city and made good in both public and private business arenas. Yet behind that glib summary is an impressive story of achievement which is probably unique in the business annals of New Zealand.
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Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Economists Association

July 2004

Roderick has made a considerable contribution to New Zealand over the past 30 years: as an economist and policymaker; as a corporate leader; and as a citizen supporting the arts and the disadvantaged.
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Chairman of the Year

Dec 2004

Roderick Deane has been both the Deloitte/Management magazine Executive of the Year and its Top 200 Executive of the Decade for the 1990s. Now he is one of New Zealand's most outstanding chairmen, having successfully made the shift from management to board.
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Deloitte / Management magazine - Chief Executive of the Decade

Dec 1999

If one individual could be said to epitomise the spirit of outstanding leadership we should expect from the head of a Top 200 company by ensuring his enterprise performed consistently, that his management team remained focused and performed to its utmost, and that he personally always strived for excellence, then Dr Roderick Deane of Telecom was that chief executive.
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Victoria University Honorary Doctorate Citation

Apr 1999

It is rare to find a person who shines at the highest levels of decision-making in both the public and private sectors. It is rare to find one person who has both the strategic vision and a strong grasp of detail. Most rare of all is the combination of such skills with academic excellence, community involvement and love of the arts. Today we honour that combination of wide-ranging talents and achievement in Dr Roderick Deane.
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Management magazine - Class of 85-95

Dec 1995

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IHC - New Zealand Life Member

Nov 1995

With Roderick Deane as one of its senior officers for more than a decade, IHC has consolidated and strengthened its role as an advocate and support agency.
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The Listener - NZ's Best Chief Executive

Dec 1994

Biggest is not always best. But the country's best boss, according to a poll of New Zealand chief executives, runs Telecom, the country's biggest company. When you look through Dr Roderick Deane's CV, bigness is rather a feature. Before the Telecom job, he was boss of Electricity Corporation, the biggest SOE. Earlier, he chaired the State Services Commission as the public service was undergoing its biggest overhaul ever...
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